Greensborough Village rezoning postponed at council meeting

Greensborough Village rezoning postponed at council meeting
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many expected the rezoning request for the Greensborough Village to get the green light at Jonesboro's city council meeting Tuesday night but the council tapped the brakes on the third and supposedly final reading of the request.

Now, the "rezoning requested" signs will stay up for at least awhile longer along Highway 49.

Alderman Todd Burton requested the postponement and the majority of the council voted in favor of the postponement. Aldermen Gene Vance and Charles Frierson were the only dissenting votes

Though that decision ultimately halted discussions on rezoning the land for the "city within the city," talks on Greensborough Village began nearly an hour and a half earlier.

Discussions on the rezoning began with the council voting to place

on developing the land and how much of the property could be devoted to multi-family housing.

Regardless, resident after resident spoke before the council with their concerns about Greensborough Village.

"Something is not right. It's so blatant, I don't know how you can ignore it," Tom Reeves said.

Many raised concerns with traffic and what might happen to Greensborough Village if the developers went bankrupt.

Many, demanded answers for questions they felt have been ignored.

"They should have their answers and they should be ready answers from you folks," Dolores Kholer said.

"Those answers will come with time. Those questions will be answered to the MAPC before the first building permit is ever given," Alderman Vance answered.

In the end, no decision was made, as Alderman Todd Burton felt they should get results from a traffic impact study before making a decision.

"I mean, if we're within 30 days of a traffic impact study on something this controversial in the city of Jonesboro, I think we would want that," Burton said. "So I would entertain a motion that we table this until we have that."

Burton also commented on making additional amendments to the rezoning ordinance. However, not everyone agreed that the vote should be postponed.

"You know, we've had three readings to do some of this stuff and I think we just need to get it done!" Alderman Frierson said.

Mayor Perrin said discussion on how long the postponement will last should be brought up at the next city council meeting.

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