Study: More than 35,000 cars drive on Red Wolf Blvd. every day

Study: More than 35,000 cars drive on Red Wolf Blvd. every day
AAA expects the worst congestion on what they're calling "terrible Tuesday". Source: KAIT

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Drivers can describe Jonesboro traffic in one word: horrific.

That's because it is. A City of Jonesboro study revealed traffic in that area has increased almost 15 percent over the past year.

Mayor Harold Perrin said the city's traffic engineer placed markers at various sections of the road to track which areas are the busiest. The study shows many parts of Red Wolf Blvd. see more than 35,000 cars every day. The busiest section of the road is near Stallings with more than 41,000 drivers every day.

"All of these figures show you have anywhere from a ten percent to almost a 15 percent increase in one year," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said these intersections were not designed for this much traffic. There are currently 11,000 cars too many driving across these intersections.

Mayor Perrin said all of these numbers will just continue to grow.

"In three or four years, you could be at 50,000 cars where we have 40,000 now," Perrin said. "We have to do something now."

Mayor Perrin hopes to conduct a destination study to see exactly which intersections these drivers are stopping or turning at. Once the results are in, he said the city can start considering the next step: building an eastern bypass to relieve the traffic.

"Good news is we're growing," Perrin said. "The other part is we're going to have to come up with some money to do some of these things with."

Mayor Perrin said the city will consider two possible locations for the Eastern bypass: using part of Commerce or Hwy 18 near Nestle. He said the city is also talking about possibly re-engineering some intersections as well.

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