"Hill Hopping" Kills Jonesboro Teen

December 6, 2004 – Posted at 5:38 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Students and staff at Jonesboro High School are coping with the death of a student. Fifteen-year-old Cadie McNamara was in killed Saturday night in a car crash that was the result of what some witnesses say was thrill-seeking.

An SUV was carrying seven teenagers Saturday night around 7:00. They were riding on Robert Sapiro's road.

"I heard boom, it was airborne as it came by here" said Sapiro, who immediatly called 911, "The car was over here laying upside down and the neighbors were running out."

McNamara was one of seven teens that witnesses say went "hill hopping" on the streets of the Ridge Pointe subdivision in Jonesboro. Police say the kids were driving at a much higher rate of speed down Riviera Drive so that when they hit a bump in the road, it would send them airborne for a few seconds. Skid marks on the road show where the SUV struck both sides of the curb before flipping end-over-end and erupting into flames.

Kelly Pope lives on Riviera Drive and says this in not the first time he's seen this type of potentially deadly driving.

"It's been going on a little over a year that I'm aware of," said Pope.

Pope says it was this time last year when five boys in an SUV sped right in front of his house at about 80 miles per hour.

"They almost hit my son, daughter-in-law and grandaughter head on," said Pope.

So when he got word that an accident occurred on his road, "I automatically knew they were jumping the hill again," said Pope.

Neighbors say they hope no one comes here again to risk their lives for a few seconds of "airtime." Jonesboro Police say they're going to start paying closer attention to this type of activity, and say if they catch anyone "hill hopping", they will be prosecuted.