Key Topics Discussed at Jonesboro City Council Meeting

December 6, 2004 -- Posted at: 10:45pm CST

JONESBORO, AR - Ron Worley likely didn't get much sleep Monday night. Not because of lightning and thunder, but because of the rain, and in turn the flooding it creates in his yard.

Worley reminded Jonesboro City Council members that it's a problem he's dealt with for more than two years. Worley's home is on Catharine Drive behind the Parker Road Wal-Mart. Because of changes in ground levels on nearby land, all of the drainage water in his neighborhood goes through his property. His garage has flooded six times in last 28 months. There have been many city council discussions, but still no repairs.

Ron Worley explained, "At least the majority of the city council wants to resolve this issue. I think that at this point, it's gonna be difficult for me to get optimistic until I actually see some work taking place."

The design engineer will create three options to fix the problem. Worley hopes his input will be considered. Easement is needed from Worley's neighbors who also have to agree to any changes on their property.

City council members were also supposed to discuss use of federal-aid for drainage and transportation planning Monday night. That vote has been postponed.

Also on Monday's agenda, former Jonesboro City Planner Glenn Batten's request to have wording changed in his suspension letter, even though he wasn't there to discuss it.

The group voted unanimously to remove any reference of sexual harassment from Batten's suspension letter dated February 19, 2004. Alderman Alec Farmer brought up the proposal after Glenn Batten and Attorney Paul Ford failed to address the council.

Batten was fired by Mayor Hubert Brodell on April 9, 2004.