Region 8 moms react to domestic abuse in the NFL

Region 8 moms react to domestic abuse in the NFL

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Football is about hard hits. Sadly, the only hits talked about in the NFL right now relate to domestic violence and child abuse.

The discussion about what has happened and what should be done isn't just happening in the pro ranks, it's filtered down to the stands in high school football games across Region 8.

Horryfing videos and allegations made against numerous NFL players have shed light on domestic violence over the past few weeks.

"We strongly, strongly condemn and will punish behavior that is totally unacceptable," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a press conference Friday.

For the first time since video of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend in an elevator was released, Goodell spoke out.

"Domestic violence and sexual assault have no place in the NFL," Goodell said.

For mothers in Region 8, they're hoping actions of those men idolized on the gridiron on Sunday nights doesn't influence others.

Brandy Rounds was in Jonesboro Friday night to watch her teenaged son play football.

Rounds said her teenaged son has told her things in light of these cases that makes her proud.

"It doesn't even occur to him to think that well, maybe that would be something that I would do when I grew older because the NFL players did it," Rounds said. "He understands that the NFL, they're not heroes...our firemen, our police department, those are our heroes."

Tracy Dowell told Region 8 News that she sees the effects of domestic violence on a daily basis.

"As a correctional educator, I have a lot of students who are in prison for things like this so I just want people to know that you can get in very serious trouble and of course, the females do not have to put up with it," Dowell said.

As a mother of five daughters, Dowell stresses education and independence for young women.

Dowell, a mother of five GIRLS, stresses education and independence for young women.

"My big concern is the wives of these men feel that they are dependent and have to stay in that situation," Dowell said.

Commissioner Goodell said a policy to counter domestic abuse and sexual assault will be in place in the NFL now.

Players and staff will undergo education and training on how to prevent abuse.

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