PPD: Residents receiving scam in the mail

PPD: Residents receiving scam in the mail
Scam Alert

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A check is being sent to residents in Paragould, and police are warning residents that the check is fake and it is a scam.

The Paragould Police Department received a call from a citizen on Friday, saying that they had a check from Jay Trucks and Associates P.C. for $2,550. The victim contacted the company and was told that this was a scam and the check was not from them.

After speaking with the business, Paragould Police were told that this is an attempt to get the victims to deposit the check into their account in order for the scammer to get their banking and personal information. In some cases the check is accompanied by a letter telling the victim that this is a percentage of the amount, and all they have to do is send a processing fee to get the full amount.

The Paragould Police Department wants to remind residents if you are not expecting money in the mail and you receive some, it is always best to contact the person who sent the check before cashing it or depositing it into your account.

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