Highway 226 dangers impacting Region 8 family

Highway 226 dangers impacting Region 8 family

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - As construction on Highway 226 continues, more motor vehicle accidents are occurring. The project is taking place to expand the road from two lanes to four.

One family has seen these accidents first hand. Trenea Tubbs and her family live on Highway 226. Tubbs says, "We had a car come and hit a tree in our front yard going sideways, and then it turned and swung them around, and they ended up by our bedroom window."

Tubbs and her family also have a family business and after experiencing the traffic and congestion, they chose to reroute their trucks and farm equipment around the highway to avoid getting caught in traffic or worse-potential accidents.

The family has lived on Highway 226 for 15 years, but Tubbs says they have had enough.

"We want to be in the country, and we just don't feel like this is where we want to be anymore," Tubbs said. "So we are going to try and relocate."

Tubbs advice to drivers is to slow down. She explained that drivers need to realize that it is a construction zone and taking caution is necessary.

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