Jonesboro High School's menu got a facelift

Jonesboro High School's menu got a facelift

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 school district revolutionized the way students view lunch.

Students at Jonesboro High School can now choose from 16 menu options that change daily.

Students not only have more choices, things are healthy and fresh.

Food Service Director for the Jonesboro School District, Becky Head, said students can choose something on the grill, the pizza pit, oriental, philly cheese steak or tortilla line.

Head said it's vital students get a nutritional, filling meal to keep them active and focused.

"If we provide good nutrition, then the teachers can do their job and the kids will get a good education."

She said the new offerings still meet the federal nutritional guidelines, but with new recipes and a new approach.

"The grill opened up today so we have Jonesboro chicken made especially for Jonesboro. We have cheeseburgers and pull pork out there. In our pizza pit we have 3 different kinds of pizza out there and we also started calzones which is new for our students. We have oriental in one of the middle lines over there, philly cheese steak and then we have our made to order tortilla line."

Jonesboro Public School has contracted with an outside company to operate their food operations in all schools.

Head said students also have the option of donating any food items they didn't eat to the back pack program.

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