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Jonesboro -- Shannon Johnson Reports

Students React to Region 8 Teen's Death

December 7, 2004 – Posted at 5:16 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Two of the six teenagers injured in a one-vehicle accident Saturday night in Jonesboro are still in the hospital. Lauren Brown and Charlene Phillips, both 15, were injured in the wreck that killed 15-year-old Cady McNamera in the Ridgepointe subdivision.

As of Tuesday morning, Brown was listed in 'serious' condition, and Phillips was said to be in 'good' condition, and both are improving. The driver, 16-year-old Hannah Oaks was treated and released.

In light of the fatal accident, Nettleton High School students are speaking out about ‘hill hopping’ and why they do it.

“You can't go uptown because of the cops. You can't do anything,” said one student.

And that's when boredom seems to signal a green light for hill hopping. A handful of Nettleton Juniors and Seniors Students confess they’ve been ‘hill hopping,’ but they say it’s not something people talk about.

“It’s mostly the sophomore class that does it. But kids are always looking for something to do. It’s just that sophomores are new drivers and seniors have had a car for a while, so it’s nothing special to them,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous.

Students say they used to be able to cruise the streets and just hang out.

“They made everyone get off Nettleton. They pulled so many people over because that's all they wanted to do was cruise up and down Nettleton,” said a Nettleton Junior Student, “If you were on Nettleton everyone knew where you were and it could be more supervised.”

“We need to offer a place where a child can go and have fun without losing a life,” said a student.

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