PPD investigating a number of car break ins

PPD investigating a number of car break ins

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Paragould Police Department is investigating five car break-ins that happened early Tuesday morning. In all five incidents the cars were left unlocked.

Alma Perez was one of the victims. She said the police knocked on her door Tuesday morning with a bag of her belongings. Police found her debit cards and wallet two doors down from her home scattered in the street.

Perez said, "They took all my money, all my cash that I had. They took every single bit of it."

She said she fears the thieves may come back and she is worried for her family's safety. This was the first time Perez had ever experienced something like this and she hopes it never happens again.

Corporal Jack Hailey, with the Paragould Police Department, said he doesn't want the people of Paragould to panic. He added, "This is not something we've never seen."

Hailey encourages anyone who experiences a break-in to report it to the police.

Perez said she would be locking her car from now on. She also believes the community should come together to send a message that they will not live in fear.

Hailey said there are no suspects at this time and no arrests have been made. He advises everyone to lock their vehicles and take any valuables with you.

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