105-year-old Kennett woman rides Ferris wheel one last time

105-year-old Kennett woman rides Ferris wheel one last time

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - People of all ages came out to the Delta Fair in Kennett to enjoy the fun rides and nice weather, including 105-year-old Isadore Rainey.

"I've got tickets to see all of the fair," Rainey said. "It's so beautiful."

Rainey, or Mama Rainey, has loved the fair since she was a little girl. But instead of enjoying it from the ground, she would rather take in the sights and sounds from dozens of feet in the air. 

"Whenever I was with my mom and dad and they would take me to the fair, I'd ride the Ferris wheel," she said. "It was my favorite thing to ride when I went to the fair."

Mama Rainey has gone on her favorite fair ride far too many times to count. But at 105 years old, she wanted this ride to be her last.

Family, friends and the Delta Fair Board granted her wish Wednesday. Rainey got to cut the line, sit in her own private car with the people of her choice, and request how many times and how fast the Ferris wheel turned.

"Beautiful day, beautiful people," Rainey said. "What beautiful scenery. Kennett has changed so much over the years. You can see that from up here."

Mama Rainey still remembers her first Ferris wheel ride.

"I was nine years old," she said. "It was way up high then."

Her favorite part of the ride is stopping at the very top for that million dollar view. So it was only fitting to do the same for her last Ferris wheel ride.

"I could see all over Kennett," Rainey said. "I loved that."

As the Ferris wheel started turning again, her passengers asked her if she has ever been afraid on the ride. She laughed.

"No," she said "I wasn't afraid."

Mama Rainey celebrated the end of an era by pumping her fists in the air and singing all the way off the Ferris wheel.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!," she said.

Rainey said the secrets to her long life are to "live fast, be honest and eat pickled beets every day."

Her 106th birthday is coming up in January. Region 8 News does not know what she has planned yet to top this.

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