A Better Region 8: Celebrate doing good

A Better Region 8: Celebrate doing good

How do you celebrate the good things in life and more important WHEN do you celebrate the good things in life?

105-year-old Isadore Rainey knows. She celebrated life by doing something she's loved since she was a little girl.  This week, Mama Rainey as she's known by her friends and family went on a Ferris wheel ride at the Delta Fair in Kennett and at 105, she said this is the  last time she'll ride ever a Ferris wheel.

My question is, what's stopping you from doing that one thing you've always wanted to do?  Or we can go a step further... Have you been putting off doing that one good deed in the back of your heart?

Consider volunteering or doing something nice for a neighbor who really needs it. And don't put it off.  Most of us won't live to see 105 so act now!

Mama Rainey celebrated the end of an era by pumping her fists in the air and singing all the way off that Ferris wheel. It should be a goal for each and every one of us to do something worthwhile that makes us feel that good!

Take advantage of today and seize the opportunity to serve each other. It will make this A Better Region 8..

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