Bow season begins this weekend

Bow season begins this weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's that time of year again when the hunters head out to the stands in hopes to bag a big buck.

Bow season starts Saturday and a lot of people are out getting ready to make their way into the woods Saturday morning.

Gene Hux with Academy Sports and Outdoors said business has been busy lately since deer season starts this weekend and this time of year it's a big part of what brings people through the doors.

Hux said, "All of this week, we've been bombarded with bow repairs, we've been bombarded with you know, archery sales, broad head sales, game cameras, deer feeders, deer corn, camo, you know, the whole nine yards."

Large numbers of people showed up in sporting goods stores Friday, even some on their lunch break, and most were looking for equipment to have a good start to the season.  James Cossey of Tuckerman was one of the hunters that said he is trying to do some last minute preparations on his deer stands.

Cossey said, "I'm looking for some camo burlap today to go around my deer stand and of course I purchased a new gun for the deer season this year and a they come out with something new every year and being a man you feel like you've got to have it."

Hux said that this time of year is big for sporting goods stores, all because of what hunting is like around Region 8.

Hux said, "Jonesboro is a big hunting area, from turkey to whitetail to, dove to duck obviously."

Cossey said that hunting season isn't just big for the businesses either.  He said that he looks forward to this time of year, every year.

Cossey said, "I've got five little grandsons and a son that I like to you know hunt with and I always get excited close to hunting season."

For more information on this hunting season you can access the Arkansas Game & Fish website here.

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