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Six weeks after Hoxie Train Crash

August 17, 2014 August 17, 2014

The morning of August 17th was not a normal one for Hoxie Police Chief, Glen Smith. He received a call around 2a.m. informing him there had been a train crash.

The train crash killed two people and Chief Smith had to quickly evacuate Hoxie residents. He said it took many departments to get the job done including the fire department, ambulance services, and reserve officers. Even city council members and the mayor were out knocking on people's doors.

Overall, 500 people were evacuated from the area and were able to return home a couple hours later after there were no threats of potential explosions.

Chief Smith said he is thankful for what his officers were able to take away from the accident. He said, “You can train and train and train for these mock accidents, but I think the real thing, as bad as it was, I think that is the best training you'll ever get.”

The hands on training they received by working this accident prepared them for future accidents.

Chief Smith explained, “You're never ready to see something like that, but our office and the surrounding agencies that helped, I think we are good. We are prepared.”

He gives his team a 10 when it comes to performance.

The train tracks are now repaired and in working condition. Arkansas State Police and railroad officials are still investigating the cause of the crash. It could be several months until that information is released.

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