Recent dog attacks raise questions

Recent dog attacks raise questions

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There were two dog attacks this past weekend in Region 8. Both involved pit bulls that bit someone that was familiar to the dog.

On Friday, 75-year-old woman in

was attacked and killed by a pit bull she owned. A day later in

a seven-year-old girl was bit by a pit bull she knew.

How often is this a problem that the person knows the dog that attacks and what breeds does it happen with more?

Plus if it were to happen in Jonesboro, how would the city respond?

Sgt. Larry Rogers with Jonesboro Animal Control said that every time a animal attacks a human it has to be reported to the animal control and there are two ways that they approach the situation.

Rogers said, "Either a dangerous animal ordinance or a vicious animal ordinance, and dangerous just basically means that its an animal, basically any animal that bites a human being without any type of provocation, or that shows or displays that it would bite a person... The vicious is totally different.  That right there is the one that it seriously inflicts bodily harm to a human or an animal, or kills a human or an animal."

Rogers said even though it isn't always clear, there are several reasons why a dog might bite a human.

Rogers said, "It might be protective of its yard, it might be protective of its owner, it might just not be well disciplined."

The city of Jonesboro has passed laws in the past few years in order to decrease the amount of dog attacks.  In 2011 the city passed a law saying that you can't tether or chain your dog and Roger said that has led to a decrease dog attacks in the past several years dropping the number of cases from 87 in 2011 to 33 this year.

Rogers included that it doesn't matter if you know the dog or not, the number of dog attacks with unknown or known dogs are actually about 50-50 and that you can not always judge a book by its cover, because the breeds of dogs that attack more are the small dogs and mixed breeds, not the pit bulls and the large dogs.

If you come across a dangerous animal and need to report it you can contact the Jonesboro Animal Control here.

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