A Better Region 8: Diana's Silver Circle honor

A Better Region 8: Diana's Silver Circle honor

It's time to honor a person who truly defines Region 8! Last weekend, our own Diana Davis was inducted into the prestigious Silver Circle from the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Silver Circle honors people for 25 years of dedicated service to the television industry. If you know Diana like we do, then it's no surprise that an honor like this has been a long time coming.

Her on air partner, co-anchor and dear friend Craig Rickert put it so well: "We've all worked with someone who's been called "the face of the station". I think that term was coined for my co-anchor, Diana Davis. For nearly 30 years she's been perfecting her craft, the last 25 years at KAIT. It's impossible to go anywhere in Region 8 without people lining up to meet her. Not because she's on TV, but because her kindness of heart and caring for her community come though on TV and in person.  Well said Craig.

Congratulations to you Diana Davis, you a shining example to all of us. Your dedication to all our viewers, your tireless approach to journalism and your natural leadership inside and outside the station truly make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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