Businesses hope to keep downtown thriving

Businesses hope to keep downtown thriving

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A decrease in alcohol revenue impacted many Jonesboro businesses this past year, especially the downtown area.

Michelle Arnold, general manager at Godsey's, said they experienced the same thing. "Our revenue did decrease last year, and we are actually seeing it trend back up, but I think because of the economy it was a slower year last year."

She has seen many businesses come and go over the years and she said she merits fresh food and consistency for making it through the slower times.

She also said it takes good service to keep people coming back. Arnold believes that if more events, such as the BBQ Fest, would come to downtown business would pick up.

Arnold said, "Start getting the people together more downtown, so that it will help our revenue and you know also bring the community together."

Mike Burroughs, Jonesboro city accountant, drafted the revenue report and said despite the numbers everyone should stay positive.

Burroughs said, "I think the fact that people are interested in coming downtown is great, because I think that's going to in the long run bring revenue back up."

That is good news for Morgan Burns. He manages Moontower, one of the newest restaurants to join the downtown area. Burns said he has a strategy for keeping the doors open.

"We just want to have good service. We want to be friendly. We want to help people out. We want to do charity work, philanthropy. We just want to be a part of the community."

Burroughs said he wants people to see what they have to offer. "There's actually culture down here now and we are trying to keep it alive."

Two new businesses are scheduled to open downtown in the coming weeks.

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