Cable company responds to programming changes

Cable company responds to programming changes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A day after Region 8 News reached out to Suddenlink and Viacom for comment on their recent disagreement, one of the companies responded.

Suddenlink customers now see a chance in their TV channel lineup. In all, 24 channels were taken off of customer's lineups after Viacom and Suddenlink were unable to come to an agreement. Viacom owns major television networks such as Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and TV Land.

According to Suddenlink Senior Director of Corporate Communications Gene Regan, Suddenlink "introduced new channels comparable in number to those Viacom removed."

Regan said Suddenlink introduced new channels after phone and email surveys, social media polls and calls to the companies call centers.

For information on some of the channels, click here.

Thursday, families were split on how they felt about the Suddenlink-Viacom disagreement.

While some see this as a small problem, many parents said it would mess up their family routine.

Brandy Thompson is a mother of three. She said her son watches Nickelodeon every day. "Watching some of those shows on Nick Jr., that was one of the stations he loved. And if it's not there, I can tell you it's not going to pretty at my house."

Price said his son also watches Nickelodeon, "My six year old definitely noticed it pretty much as soon as he got home yesterday."

Nickelodeon is now Hallmark Movie Channel. MTV has been replaced with FXX. Sprout is the new VH1, and Comedy Central is now Investigation Discovery.

Dee Palsgrove is upset by the change.

"It is ridiculous they are taking away some of the good stations," said Palsgrove.

Price is trying to take a positive approach to the sudden change.

"To be really honest it's made us turn the TV off and spend time as a family," said Price.

Thompson said she doesn't know where to go from here.

"They are leaving us with our hands tied, and it kind of makes me want to do away with TV all together," said Thompson.

Palsgrove said Suddenlink and Viacom should put the consumer's wants first.

Most Suddenlink customers said they may look for alternatives including other cable providers and internet options such as Netflix or Hulu, but all agreed they hope Suddenlink and Viacom can come to an agreement so their favorite channels can come back.

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