Region 8 town getting new water treatment plant

Region 8 town getting new water treatment plant

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 town is getting a solution for their long-time water woes.

For more than 30 years, Tuckerman residents have grown accustomed to brown water flowing from their faucets, but that won't be a problem for much longer.

The city will build a new water treatment plant with a 300,000 gallon water tower, radio-read water meters, and more.

The project is funded partly by a grant but also uses a loan from USDA Rural Development, which means water rates will go up slightly. The Tuckerman mayor says the increase is worth it.

"I knew that we had the problem when I took office. I didn't have any idea it would take me four years to get it fixed, but it does. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel," Mayor Bowen said.

Construction on the plant will start in early 2015. The city will release more details at its formal announcement October 21 at City Hall.

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