Former president urges young Arkansans to vote in November

Former president urges young Arkansans to vote in November

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While the Arkansas First rally was aimed at drumming up support for Arkansas Democrats, it also served as a push for Arkansas' younger voters to get out and make their voices heard.

Both Democratic candidates and former President Bill Clinton addressed the media on the front lawn of the ASU Student Union Monday afternoon.

"You're going to have to live with the consequences of the people you choose," Clinton said.

Though he spoke to hundreds, Clinton spent a lot of his speech urging students to get out and vote on November 4.

"All the polls that show our guys not doing so well, they're counting you all out," Clinton told students. "They say oh yeah, they'll come out and see Bill Clinton, it's like going to the carnival, you know, it's like a walking mummy or something."

Though his comment garnered laughs and his charisma won the crowd over, his message stuck too, especially for high school student Kristen Pitts.

"If you're not going out and making your voice heard, you have to trust everybody else's opinion," Pitts said. "Especially with the younger age where everyone thinks that we're not capable of raising our voices and letting our voices be heard, then that kind of has a toll on everybody."

Clinton stated that views like that, regardless of partisanship, need to be more consistent among younger voters.

"They don't think you'll show up and what I want to tell you is that need to show up. You badly need to show up because there are huge, huge differences in this governor's race, in this senate race, in this congress race," Clinton said.

Though there were hundreds in attendance who will be casting votes in that governor's, senate and congress race, not everyone in attendance will be able to vote in November.

It will be another decade before 7-year-old Layla can make her voice be heard.

Regardless, her mom and dad brought her to the rally to instill the importance of voting.

"You have one opportunity to let your voice be heard and I think it's very important," Layla's mom, Mary Crouch said. "Obviously she's 7, she can't vote now...she's only got 11 years until she's able to and I want her to know to get out and make her voice count."

If you aren't registered to vote by now, you have missed your chance as October 6 was the final day to register to vote for the November 4 election.

Early voting begins October 20.

Clinton will continue his Arkansas First rally in Fayetteville on October 7 at the University of Arkansas.

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