K8 StormTEAM WeatherTALK - Area Forecast Discussion and Video

K8 StormTEAM WeatherTALK - Area Forecast Discussion and Video

Valentine's Day Notes:

Not a lot of time this afternoon to talk. Working on several items for the upcoming week. This week is severe weather awareness week in Tennessee and Arkansas. Be sure and tune each night to find out more about severe weather in Region 8 and how to be prepared for it. We will also be posting lots of new information on the website soon. Keep an eye out!

Models are still in agreement of next front through here Tuesday night and Wednesday. This one is polar in origin so air behind it will be much colder. Highs on Tuesday will hit the lower 70s!! Thats spring weather! Hope you enjoy it if you can!

Weak high pressure builds in for Thursday and then rain returns by Friday through Monday morning. See the forecast package on the main weather page for details.

Prelim Numbers:

KJBR: 48/71 44/48 29/47 28/49 40/48 41/51 39/50 // -41243-

Discussion Video News:

Ok....here is the deal with the video discussions. We have been trying to figure out the best time and way to update them. We had been doing them in the morning but that was difficult as the latest forecast data for the day was not all yet in.

So here is what we are testing now. The videos will be posted in the evenings between the 6pm and 10pm newscasts. They should be on the servers by 9pm or so. They will highlight the forecast period overnight but will focus more on the following day out through the extended.

We are working our best to make sure that they are uploaded each evening. Still a work in progress...just bear with us!

Chad Watson

Chief Meteorologist

K8 StormTEAM Weather

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Computer Model Links:

NCEP Central Operations: http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/nwprod/analysis/

IPS Meteostar Models: http://wxweb.meteostar.com/

UNISYS Weather: http://weather.unisys.com/

WRF @ MU: http://snowball.millersville.edu/~wrf/

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