Council votes to rezone Greensborough Village

Council votes to rezone Greensborough Village

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Following months of meetings and hours of discussion, Greensborough Village was rezoned at Jonesboro's city council meeting Thursday night.

"I feel like the council gave it it's due diligence and then some," Gary Harpole told Region 8 News.

Now that they've been given the go ahead, it's time to get to work.

"Every week that it got postponed or it got drug out, puts us closer to what they're saying is going to be a very wet winter," Harpole said.

Harpole, managing partner of Halsey Thrasher Harpole, the group developing the land, told Region 8 News that they will be busy going forward.

"We're gonna try to double down on our efforts with some of the people that we've been talking to on the commercial side that those negotiations are pretty far along," Harpole said.

Already, 50 acres of the land was zoned for commercial use and the remaining 150 acres was zoned for residential use. Harpole told the city council that even if they hadn't received the green light for rezoning, development would have still happened.

According to studies, the current zoning of the property would have generated $10 million a year in revenue. However, Harpole explained what those numbers would look like if the land was rezoned.

"The mixed use development that you have before you, you would see the annual economic impact climb to over $30 million per year."

Harpole said hundreds of jobs will come as a result of the development as well.

"Between construction and full-time permanent, we're looking at over 4,100 jobs that it would be created," Harpole said. 700 of those jobs would be permanent.

"Now that we know we can develop it the way we intend, we can get to work getting that planned and put it in motion," Harpole said.

The group plans to develop the land in phases over a 10 year period.

Three council members, Chris Gibson, Tim McCall and Todd Burton voted against the rezoning.

The remaining council members voted in favor of the rezoning. 

Chris Moore was absent from the meeting.

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