Paragould girl impaled by deer antler in car accident

Paragould girl impaled by deer antler in car accident

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A freak accident in Jonesboro on Wednesday sent a 17-year-old Paragould High School senior to the hospital. Tori Henry was driving north down Johnson Avenue around 4 p.m. when a 5 point buck hit her driver side window.

Tori's mother, Nikki Winn, said she couldn't believe what had happened. Just last week Tori walked in Paragould High School's homecoming, but as of Wednesday their lives had been turned upside down.

The buck busted her driver side window, and one of the antlers impaled Tori's jaw bone. Winn explained her daughter did her best to remain calm. Winn said, "She kept her composure after the deer hit her and drove and parked her car so no one else would get hurt."

Tori was then taken to Le Bonheur Children's hospital where she underwent a five hour long jaw surgery. Winn said, "It's really a day by day thing at this point, but the first priority is making her comfortable and getting her spirits lifted."

Tori's mother believes the accident has shown what strength her daughter has and what an extraordinary young woman she is. Winn described her daughter as the girl next door. "Tori is the person that is kind to everyone. She's sweet, she loves to sing, she loves to be in musicals."

Winn said she knows this accident will make Tori stronger and hopefully allow her to inspire others with her testimony.

Winn's message for parents is to always hug your kids and never take for granted the time you have with them. "With her for now on, I'm not sweating the small things. I'm just going to be happy that she is here and hug her every day."

Their family is thankful for all the support they've received and ask for everyone to continue praying as Tori's recovery begins. "But please keep praying for Tori. Pray for her spirits to be lifted because her body is going to heal, but it's this I worry about," Winn said.

Doctors told Tori's family they hope she will be able to go home sometime this week.

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