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Cotton farmers recovering from recent severe weather look to Monday's storms


The severe weather and golf-ball sized hail that moved through the area a week ago ruined many Region 8 farmers' cotton crops.

Once the cotton hits the ground, farmers can't do anything with it.

State agricultural officials now say the storm damaged an estimated 24,000 acres of cotton crops.

Randall Jackson has been a farmer in Leachville for 25 years.

He lost around 2,000 acres of cotton that was days away from being harvested.

Jackson said that there is really only one way to get past a tragedy like this.

"You get up and you put your boots on and you go to work every day."

If Monday's storms pan out to be as severe as expected, some farmers could lose what little crops they have left.

Jackson said, "We don't really need any more rain right now because the hail knocked so much out and it's just barely hanging on. We could probably get it if we had some good weather, but with the rain coming in it's probably going to go ahead and take what's left on the stalk to the ground."

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