Paramedic speaks on Ebola procedures

Paramedic speaks on Ebola procedures

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Dallas nurse has been infected by the Ebola virus after treating the man who died from the disease. Bringing to light that patients and civilians are no longer the only ones at risk of contracting Ebola. Medical and emergency personnel are taking precautions to protect themselves, as well.

Tim Brickell, Medic One director of operations, said they have their guard up and are following all CDC guidelines put in place. Brickell said, when it comes to Ebola, it all starts with asking the right questions.

"Have you traveled outside the united states? Have you been to Dallas, TX? Have you been exposed where Ebola may have been?"

While his office is taking steps to better protect themselves, Brickell explained it takes a team effort to protect Region 8. First, the 911 center screens calls, they contact Medic One, and EMT's are then able to contact local hospitals so their team can prepare.

Medic one has also ordered new protective clothing for its first responders. The new gear will be a full body suit with a helmet. "We want to be able to totally encapsulate our crew if we do in fact have to transport a known Ebola case."

As the CDC releases more information, Brickell said his crew will be educated more on how to better protect themselves and their families from Ebola. He added that Ebola is something new for them, but they are making sure they are ready.

"There's a little more anxiety with the guys, but like I said, it's all in training. They understand the better they know how to do that the better they are going to be coming up against a case."

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