Small town recovering after powerful storm

Small town recovering after powerful storm

MCDOUGAL, AR (KAIT) - After yesterdays storm damage, a small Region 8 town is in a state of recovery.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado did go through McDougal Tuesday afternoon. The tornado is measured to have been traveling around 85 miles per hour.

Four homes were damaged by the storm. A tree fell on top of Rickey Huneycutt's home, and he said this isn't the first time his family has dealt with severe weather damage. "In '71 or '72 a tornado came through and destroyed it."

The it he referred to was his parents home that is right next door to his. His sister lives in it now, but it was completely destroyed by yesterday's tornado.

Huneycutt said he is just thankful his family is safe. "All of this can be replaced. The material it can be replaced. My sister and brother-in-law can't be."

Huneycutt has worked since 7:30 am to get the tree off the top of his home so they can get inside and assess the damage. No matter how bad the damage, he said he will not leave his home behind. "No, I ain't going nowhere. I've been here 56 years."

Huneycutt added, "I'm going to replace it someway. It's all I've got, I've got to."

Cindy Richards, McDougal mayor, said their community will come together to gather supplies and whatever else those who lost their belongings may need.

Huneycutt wanted everyone to know how thankful he and his family are for the prayers and support they have received. While the people in McDougal are saddened by the damage and loss, Mayor Richards said they are all very thankful no one was hurt.

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