A Long-time Region 8 Public Servant Says Goodbye to Co-Workers

November 10, 2004 -- Posted 6:30 p.m. CDT

Newport, AR -- With an embrace from his daughter and son, Captain Dwight Tosh of the Arkansas State Police Troop B fought hard to hold back tears, on a day devoted to his service to Northeast Arkansas.

"Without her I can assure you that I would have never made it; the love of my life, my wife," said Tosh.

This Valley View native, who once majored in radio and television communications pursued another, yet noble course in life. Captain Tosh spent the past 37 years in law enforcement; first as a trooper in Monitcello, then Harrisburg, later in Jonesboro, Forrest City, and the past 17 years as a Captain in Newport. Friends and co-workers describe him as a man devoted to his hat.

"You stood up for the troops, you stood behind the troop and you believed in us and we thank you for that," said Cpl.Creston Hutton.

"His quick wit, his ability to think under pressure and his ability to speak impressed me the most," said Captain J.R. Hankins.

"He wanted to serve as an inspiration to those younger troopers that came behind him," said Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller.

"I'm going to miss those phonecalls that started hey buddy, you always knew who it was," said Captain Ron Stovall.

While Captain Tosh's days may be limited as a public servant, he remains a devoted servant to his family; a family most certainly expected to remain in his life forever.

"I say farewell to all of you that I love very very much," said Tosh.