Paragould School District hosts EAST Night Out

Paragould School District hosts EAST Night Out

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The Paragould School District EAST classes hosted an EAST Night Out on Tuesday.

EAST stands for Environmental and Spatial Technology. Students are self-directed and work to solve community-based problems.

The students showed off their projects at the event, and shared their knowledge of several technology programs including Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and virtual reality technology.

EAST student Trevor Pate said that students have more freedom to learn the things they are interested in. "You teach yourself, you don't have a teacher telling you what to do. You learn programs that you want and software that you want," said Pate.

Students look for ways they can improve their community.

"It gives you this sense that you're not just doing something for yourself or the people in your class, but you're actually making a big effect, a ripple effect somewhat," said another EAST student Armas Lanney. "If you help someone maybe they will help someone else."

Several students presented projects including recycling initiatives, natural disaster plans, and virtual reality tours of the school.

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