Caregiver certification now online

Caregiver certification now online

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For the past year and a half, in-home caregivers have been required to have certified training.

Arkansas Act 1410 is a state law that requires home caregivers have a minimum of 40 hours of certified training.

A press conference took place Thursday morning at the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce launching a new option to receive that training.

Training for caregivers is now available online.

Elder Stay at Home and the University of Arkansas Global Campus joined forces to make this online training course possible

Carolyn Long, Vice President of Elders Stay at Home said, "Folks who are taking care of people who are older than fifty years old. Know how to handle them, know how to take care of them and it was very courageous on the part of our legislature to enact this. Because prior to this law there was no requirement to have people certified to really know what they're doing."

President of Elders Stay at Home said, "We train for 36 different physical skills. Everything from infection control to transfers to helping out of bed to assisting in showers. And the underlying focus of the curriculum is dignity. The dignity of the elder who is receiving the care."

The content and teaching method for this course comes from the Schmieding Method.

More information about this program and how to register is available online at ARIHA.COM.

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