Parent's hard drive with photos and videos of terminally ill son stolen

Parent's hard drive with photos and videos of terminally ill son stolen

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - On the police report, it's a simple car break-in but it's broken the heart of a one Jonesboro family.

On the list of stolen items was an external hard drive. It's something that might be worth $20 at a pawn shop. On that hard drive is seven years of a child's life. Worth so much more because the family doesn't know how many years their child has left.

A video recently posted to the "Tucker Freedom" Facebook page is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. The seven-year-old giggling as his father bounces him on his knee is one of hundreds of videos captured of Tucker Ward over the years.

Videos and photos like that are invaluable to his parents.

"We take so many pictures of Tucker that we have to clear our camera frequently," mom, Ashley Ward said.

Ward said all of those memories go onto an external hard drive and they've used the same one since Tucker was born.

"So we can continue to take more pictures as we go," Ward explained.

Ward explained the photos and videos on that hard drive mean more than anyone could ever know because Tucker is terminally ill. He suffers from the rare Sanfillipo Syndrome.

"We have everything from when he was born up til now," Ward said.

Seven years worth of memories that were stolen overnight.

"My husband was going to get into his vehicle to go into work this morning and it had been broken into," Ward said.

Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen. Everything from a pistol to a laptop to a bag containing a wallet, check books and that precious hard drive.

"They may not even realize that it's in there if they haven't gone through it and it means nothing to no one except for us," Ward said. "Everything else can be replaced, we don't care about those things."

But it's that hard drive, with seven years worth of Tucker that the family is begging be returned.

"These are things that we can't replace. We can't just take more pictures and have memories from now on," Ward said.

Ashley and her husband Bryon said they are offering a reward for whoever returns their hard drive.

If you know who did this, encourage them to do the right thing and give the hard drive back.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously at 935-STOP.

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