Jonesboro man passed out behind the wheel at intersection

Jonesboro man passed out behind the wheel at intersection

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police arrested a man on Friday after officers found him passed out behind the wheel.

According to an incident report, at around 5:40 Friday morning, a silver Mercedes was on the turning lane at the intersection of Nettleton and Church.

Police say the car sat through two cycles of green lights.

When an officer approached the car, he found Blake Burns, 23, sitting in the driver's seat passed out.

Burns' foot was on the brake but the engine was still in the driving gear.

The officer tried to wake him up, but he remained passed out.

When a second officer arrived, they successfully woke him up.

Burns then tried to exit his car with his foot still on the brake, the car on, and the engine on the drive gear. Officers told him to put the car in park, however Burns unknowingly put it in reverse and started moving backwards.

The officers eventually got the car in park.

According to the report, Burns appeared sluggish and had slurred speech. Officers saw Burns had an empty medication bottle on the floorboard in the driver's side.

In the report the officer said, “I then asked Burns what kind of medication he had taken, Burns advised Tylenol 3. I asked him how many he had taken, Burns stated too many.”

Police took Burns to St. Bernards for a blood test, but Burns refused to take the tests.

He was taken to the Craighead County Jail on a $950 surety bond for DWI charges and refusal to submit.

He is expected to appear in court Monday.

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