Hutchinson endorsed by former NRA head

Hutchinson endorsed by former NRA head

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Before the latest televised gubernatorial debate, Republican Asa Hutchinson picked up another endorsement.

Former National Rifle Association President, David Keene, says he couldn't think of a better champion for second amendment rights. Keene made that statement during a Second Amendment Rights rally in Jonesboro.

Keene was the NRA President when the Sandy Hook school shooting happened. Keene said Hutchinson volunteered to help him by starting a program to protect school children.

As governor, Hutchinson said he would continue to fight for school protection and fight against gun control laws. "In terms of the second amendment, the threats don't come from Arkansas. The threats come from Washington D.C. And so as governor, I want to make sure I stand up for Arkansas, protecting the second amendment, our culture here, our way of life and how we value the freedoms that we hold." Hutchinson said at the rally.

Hutchinson told Region 8 News that teaching firearm safety, especially in homes, is a much better alternative to regulating firearms.

Hutchinson's democratic opponent, Mike Ross,

. He toured a manufacturing facility in Paragould as part of his "Jobs First" campaign.

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