Ross, Hutchinson go head to head final time before Election Day

Ross, Hutchinson go head to head final time before Election Day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One of the races drawing voters to the polls already is the race for Arkansas Governor.

Republican Asa Hutchinson and Democrat Mike Ross debated Monday night at ASU.

The two have some similar goals but how they plan to get there is very different.

The debate might have started with a handshake and smiles but it didn't take long for the 2014 Gubernatorial Debate at Arkansas State University to get heated.

"Surely you can do better than the old, liberal mantra of attacking every republican because they're gonna hurt social security, Mr. Ross. That is so old school," Hutchinson said.

"Congressman, this isn't the Wizard of Oz either and Arkansas needs a lot more than a man behind a curtain," Ross replied later in the debate.

While Ross and Hutchinson made jabs at each other throughout the debate, they also touched on issues pertinent to Northeast Arkansas such as bettering infrastructure to keep up with growth in the area.

"The roads in Jonesboro will be a priority for me because this is an area of the state that is doing well," Ross said.

"First thing I want to do as governor is make sure that we complete Highway 226 as four lane," Hutchinson said.

While the candidates agreed on a majority of the issues, they didn't always agree on how to get there.

Hutchinson pledged to cut taxes his first year in office.

"It's important that we lower the tax rate in Arkansas because we're not competitive with our surrounding states," Hutchinson said.

Ross plans to take a different approach.

"We're gonna balance the budget first, we're gonna fund education, medicaid and public safety and then as we have revenue growth and we always do, we're gonna implement my plan for lower and fairer taxes," Ross said.

As this was their last televised debate before November 4, both candidates imposed parting words to sway voters.

"I believe in Arkansas, I believe in you, and I know we can do better," Ross said.

"I'll hit the ground running and never look back," Hutchinson said.

If you missed the debate between Ross and Hutchison, the full gubernatorial debate will re-air on KAIT Sunday afternoon at two o'clock and on Saturday and Sunday at 6 o'clock on KAIT8.2.

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