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Doors To Haworth Set To Close On Friday

December 13, 2004  --  Posted at 6:45 CST

JONESBORO --  On Friday, the Haworth plant here in Jonesboro will close the doors for good.

The office furniture manufacturer announced plans to close the facility this past summer.

David Field was the plant manager at the Jonesboro plant.

"Just this past week we have finished production.  We are now transitioning over, cleaning up the remaining inventory, the equipment, organizing things, and just getting ready to shut the facility down completely,"said Field.

There are still around twenty people who will work at the facility through the end of this week.

After that, a few will remain to move equipment, take inventory, and tie up any loose ends.

This seventy five million dollar facility opened for production more than six years ago, but a bleak economic outlook has caused the doors to this facility to close.

"So we've got the combination of a lower demand, and improve abilities to manufacture products which left us in a situation as a company....well, we had a lot of excess capacity,"said Field. 

A report in the Northeast Arkansas Business Today publication says Haworth is asking 17.25 million dollars for the building.

"Haworth is currently working with a real estate broker to market the building. They'll try to market aggressively, and hopefully sell it in the very near future,"said Field. 

Field says the quality of people employed at Haworth were top notch, and their performance had absolutely nothing to do with the plant's closure.

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