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Jonesboro -- Shannon Johnson Reports

Jonesboro Mayor-Elect Formon Already At Work

December 13, 2004 – Posted at 6:42 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Mayor-elect Doug Formon has already moved into his City Hall office and is starting to do mayoral work, and he didn’t waste any time. He moved out of the Police Department the Friday after he was elected, which made for a small problem.

“I had moved already out of the Police Department. I had not moved in over here yet so I was living out of my car for a while. I was trying to meet with people and I had nowhere to go,” laughed Formon.

And that's when outgoing Mayor Brodell said come on over to City Hall.

“Last week he officially moved out of the office and I’ve somewhat moved in,” said Forman.

And it's a good thing he did because the notion of a new mayor is rather unusual in Jonesboro.

“It's been 18 years since we switched out mayors so most everyone here doesn't remember what happened the last time. I think to Mayor Brodell it's a little foggy to him,” said Formon.

But the one thing that's clear is that the city budget is top priority.

“Right now our focus is the budget. If we can get that into city council or to the finance committee and then to the full council and get that approved, that's our first short term goal,” said Forman.

The new Mayor says he'll start focusing on other issues after the first of the year. Right now he and his wife are still trying to get use to what they call ‘mayor moments.’

“We haven't gotten used to some of the local fame that comes along with it I guess. We go to a local restaurant now and sit down and everybody's looking at you and pointing and coming over to the table, which is great. We're excited,” said Formon.

And those weird mayor moments are also happening at work.

“It's unusual for me to request something and within a few moments it's at my hands...but we're getting use to all of it,” said Formon.

Formon says it's still unclear who will succeed as police chief and who if anyone will be named to his former position as the JPD's public information officer.

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