The Osceola High School Science Department celebrates National Mole Day

The Osceola High School Science Department celebrates National Mole Day

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 kids at one high school are taking science to another level.

Students at Osceola High School stepped out of the classroom on Thursday to perform a series of science experiments.

The Osceola High School Science Department decided to celebrate National Mole Day which was created to foster interest in chemistry

A series of experiments were set up for all the students at the school to observe.

Phillip Cook of Osceola High School said, "Activities like this what they do is they bring it all together for the student. You can tell them a hundred times how to hook up a circuit, but until they're trying to hook up their own car so it has enough voltage and they actually understand what you're talking about at that point to make the engines turn and run. That's when learning really happens."

Students from the engineering class also assembled their own solar powered vehicles to race down the parking lot.

Carol Pollard, a sophomore, said, "Using hands on things is a great way to get your students involved because then they'll able to use critical thinking and they're able to actually apply the skills that they learn."

Another student, Kyra Hill, said, "I really like this a lot because engineering has been one of the career top choices that I've been looking in and this helps me narrow it down."

Cook said if the weather permitted they were also going to have a solar eclipse watch party later in the day.


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