One Region 8 jail could soon be expanding

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Randolph County Jail could have 60 new beds in the coming years.

An architectural firm has been in town all week looking at what options the jail has for expansion.

The jail has dealt with major overcrowding issues over the past few years and they do not house female inmates.

This means added costs to house those criminals out of county.

Sheriff Gary Tribble said this might be something they have to bring before voters in 2015.

"We're not trying to burden the taxpayers, we realize that we've got our problems. We realize we've got issues of keeping our citizens safe and doing so, we have to have a place to house those people out here that are criminal, committing criminal acts."

Tribble anticipates the county to discuss their options in full over the next few months.

We'll keep you updated on what they decide to do.

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