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Jonesboro, AR--Ron Smiley reports

Satellite Radio a "Must Have" Gift This Holiday Season

December 14, 2004--Posted 3:00 pm CST


Jonesboro-Each year an unexpected product comes along and is quickly dubbed the “it” gift of the year.  In years past game systems, portable players, mp3 machines, and digital camera’s have all fought for the title of “it” gift.  This year is no different as satellite radio is making a run at the title of “it” gift.


Satellite radio is popular for several reasons.  While a normal radio player may be able to pick up 25 to 50 channels relatively clear, satellite radio boasts an amazing channel line-up of more than 100 stations.  From ESPN radio to MTV all available channels on satellite radio come in crystal clear thanks to an all digital signal.  There are also dedicated non-commercial channels.


A quick check in at some local car audio shops showed XM and Sirius Radio systems readily available.  Gift cards are also being sold which shop owners expect to be cashed in shortly after the holidays are finished.  While available, store owners are still a little worried when it comes to keeping their store shelves stocked.  Carey Somers with Car Audio Plus says, “Demand is definitely out there and even our suppliers are running out of equipment.”


 Satellite radio does not come cheap.  It costs around 200 dollars to get set up.  Then afterwards you can expect to pay between 10 to 12 dollars a month for the service.

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