Massive air bag recall worries drivers in Region 8


More than 12 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled due to problems with air bags.

Safety experts are saying it is possible more than 25 million vehicles may have faulty air bags in the U.S. alone. Drivers in Region 8 are highly concerned about the large number of vehicles being recalled and possibly meeting one of them on the road.

Allen Soden's Ford and Tisha Westerman's Toyota are not on the recall list, but they expressed worry for their children and grandchildren being on the road.

Soden said, "My grandsons are driving now. One of them is in college and on a senior in high school, and they drive a lot. They always keep the roads hot."

Westerman is worried what would happen if her child were in an accident. She explained, "If one of them were hit by someone who had that and then they were hurt, I would feel very responsible, and that would be really scary."

The problem concerning the air bag is that it explodes with too much force and causes the metal canister to break apart possibly sending fragments of the debris into the car. At times the extra pressure is caused by high humidity, and while Arkansas isn't on the list of high risk areas, Soden and Westerman believe it is just a matter of time until it is.

Soden said, "Obviously, they haven't been to Arkansas." Westerman agreed, "We have humidity in Arkansas, a lot of humidity." This high humidity causes extra concern for faulty airbags on Arkansas roads.

A number of 2001 car models have been recalled including Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, and Fords. Soden said while it may be an inconvenience, Region 8 drivers need to be aware if their car is on the recall list and educate themselves. He said, "People procrastinate, everybody does it. It's just a normal thing to do. People need to take this seriously and get their cars repaired."

While drivers can't necessarily control these problems with airbags, Soden and Westerman agreed there are other precautions drivers can take to keep their families safe.

"Buckle up, slow down, watch it, and don't text and drive," Soden advised. Westerman added by taking those precautions and making sure your car isn't at risk is in everyone's best interest and for the safety of others.

Again, drivers agreed everyone should educate themselves on this recall and make sure their car isn't at risk. To find out if your car may be recalled click here for the website.

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