Question 9/19/2001: Concerning dental needs: My husband needs dental work, can't afford the cost, payments may be a solution. Where should he go? Please consider my need and reply.
Answer: Check with the Church Health Clinic in Jonesboro and they may know of a dentist that will help you in this situation.

Question 8/14/2001: At what age do you need to start taking a baby to the dentist?
Answer: If there are no obvious dental problems, children should begin to see the dentist by age three.

Question 7/11/2001: Does the NEA Clinic have a Dentist on staff now? Thanks.
Answer: No we don't have a Dentist on our staff. However, there are many fine Dentist taking new patients in Northeast Arkansas.

Question 3/26/2001: I read in "Prevention" that Crest White strips contain the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use and used 30 min twice a day for two weeks will show a difference. Have you heard about and do you agree with this?
Answer: There are two basis bleaches used in dentistry to whiten teeth: hydrogen peroxide and carbanide peroxide. The Crest system is hydrogen peroxide bleach and the CRA studies say that it has an 80% rating. Therefore it is about equal to the systems used by dentists. However, remember bleaches may adversely affect your teeth, or cause sensitivity, so talk to your dentist if you have any questions.

Question 3/9/2001: I have quite a few bad teeth and quite frankly all of them need to be pulled. Is there a dentist that will put me under a local anesthetic to where I will be totally out of it?
Answer: To be "totally out of it" during tooth extraction requires IV conscious sedation. This procedure is usually not done by the general Dentist, but by the oral surgeon.