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Ash Flat, AR

Sharp County Authorities Arrest Man on Attempted Murder Charges

DECEMBER 17, 2004 - Posted at 10:56 a.m. CST


ASH FLAT, AR - A 33-year-old Ash Flat man has been arrested on charges of attempted murder and first degree battery for his alleged role in the December 11 shooting of a neighbor in his apartment complex.

Brendon G. Labor was arrested Thursday afternoon by Sharp County Sheriff's deputies, after Prescilla Partridge identifed him as the man who shot her inside her unit at the Foxfire Apartment complex last weekend.  Partridge was shot in the head, and remains hospitalized in Springfield, Missouri as a result of the incident. 

Following his arrest, Labor told authorities that he had shot Partridge because of "jealousy" and "love."  According to a police report, he told authorities that the two had previously been involved in a relationship that ended when she announced plans to marry someone else. 

Another man has also been arrested in the case.  Nicholas Gilbert, 21, is described by police as a neighbor and friend of Labor.  Sheriff Dale Weaver says Labor told investigators that Gilbert had been with him when he purchased the handgun and ammunition used in the shooting, and was also involved in the planning of the incident.  Weaver also says Labor said Gilbert served as a lookout for Labor while he waited for the victim in her apartment, prior to the shooting, and was also with Labor when he disposed of the weapon.  Gilbert also reportedly told officers that he had subsequently talked Labor out of shooting another woman that he was angry with, a story which Labor admitted to.   

Authorities today are searching for the weapon used in the shooting, and formal charges may also be filed today.

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