String of Fires 'Suspicious' According to Authorities

December 17, 2004--Posted 5:00 pm CST

Mississippi & Craighead Counties--Mississippi County authorities believe foul play may be involved with string of house fires.  Earlier in the week a fatal house fire killed four people.  A space heater was to blame.  The investigation into the fatal fire is now closed, but another investigation is just getting started concerning other fires in the area.  Police now saying they are looking for suspects involved in a string of other house fires.


Police say five suspicious house fires have been started over the past week.  Several things have police convinced the fires are no accident.  For one, the fires have all occurred in basically the same neighborhood.  Three of the homes were actually next to each other, and each burned down on separate days.


Two of the homes are actually located in Mississippi County.  Three other fires have been reported in Craighead County.  Police say they have no suspects at this time. 


The first house fire was reported one week ago.  A home in Craighead County burned to the ground.  Then during the week two more house fires were reported in Mississippi County, close to where the first house fire occurred.  Then on Wednesday the home two down from the first reported fire caught fire itself.  Finally less than twenty four hours later the home between the first two homes burned to the ground.  Luckily, no one has been injured in the fires.


If you have any information you think can help police solve this case you can call Crime-Stoppers at 935-STOP.