Duck Classic is a Huge Success

December 17, 2004--5:30 p.m. CST

GRUBBS, AR--More than 150 hunters took to the flooded timber and rice fields this morning for the second annual duck classic, it's a hunting comeptition with charity in mind. The classic benifits the NEA Clinic charitable foundation.  The Duck Classic is sort of a golf tournament with guns, a competition based on a scoring system of points allotted for types and number of ducks bagged.

"It's one of the only one or two of these that I know about in the whole country," said duck guide Charles "HammerTime" Snapp.  Snapp and nearly 40 others donated their duck holes and expertise to 160 hunters, competing in teams of four.

"When I saw how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in medicine was being given free to people who need it, I just couldn't hardly refuse it," said Snapp.

"We had a good hunt and at the same time a chance to help out folks in need in Northeast Arkansas," said Dr. Joe Stallings.

With the hunt, a dinner and auction, and sponsorships, this year's classic raised more than $100,000 for the NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation.