A Better Region 8: Distracted driving awareness

A Better Region 8: Distracted driving awareness

A recent story out of Caruthersville struck a deep personal tone with me. Caruthersville High School lost three students in the span of 6 months due to car accidents.

One dad is stepping up and doing something about distracted driving. Frankie Travis is working to raise awareness of distracted driving after losing his daughter Brittany in tragic accident.

Distracted driving can happen many ways but as a dad of two teens, I can tell you that modern convenience such as smartphones scares me. I've personally witnessed teen drivers right here in Region 8 texting and driving. We as parents have to follow Frankie Travis' example and do something about it.

Sit down and talk to your teen driver about the risks of distracted driving. Let them know that if they text and drive, the consequences can be much worse than a scolding from mom or dad, it can cost them their life.

So let's help our teens make good choices behind the wheel. Let's encourage the use of seat belts, limit the number of passengers for teen drivers, and turn off the smartphone before getting in the car.

This is good advice for adults too. Teaching our teens about the dangers of distracted driving, and setting an example for them by not doing it ourselves will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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