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Salem, AR

Fulton County Officials Calling for New Jail

DECEMBER 20, 2004 - Posted at 7:44 a.m. CST


SALEM, AR - The seven-bed Fulton County Jail at Salem is under no threat of closure because it doesn't meet state standards.  The jail's cells are kept neat and clean, prisoners are allowed to excercise outside, the building has more than one exit, and the food is good.

But county officials say a new jail is needed, nonetheless.  The problem is that the current one just isn't big enough.  Sheriff Loyd Martz said the jail is at capacity nearly all the time.

So now county officials are looking at an additional sales tax to pay for a building and operating a newer, bigger jail.  But Martz isn't sure county residents will support such a tax, since they just approved a one percent sales tax to help keep the Fulton County Hospital open.

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