Reasons for voting early

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Election Day is November 4; but, as of Wednesday, 8,500 people have already voted, according to Kade Holliday. The Craighead County Clerk says it is a significant increase compared to the 2010 elections.

The increase raises the question: why are so many more people early voting?

After speaking with many voters, Region 8 News learned it seemed to be a common answer. Most everyone early voted for convenience.

"We didn't have to stop at any point," said Linda Huffstetler. "We just went straight through and voted and here, quick, took us five minutes."

Some voters want to beat the crowd on Election Day and others just want to have peace of mind that they got voting over with.

"I was afraid I would miss the day," Dollie Flemon said. "I wanted to make sure I got it done."

For some, like Andrea Panneck, early voting is a tradition.

"We always early vote because you just never know what's going to happen that day," she said.

Joan Holliday, another early voter, said it is just easier.

"I early voted because it's a whole lot less stressful," she said. "You don't seem as rushed or as pushed to hurry up, and make your decision and leave."

Adam Sartin agreed with Holliday. "Well, it's an easier process, there at the election annex," he said.

Kade Holliday said it could be a combination of the issues on the ballot and heated governor and senate races that could be drawing people to the polls.

However, most voters agreed they went to the polls during early voting because it's just more convenient, and regardless of who you vote for, early voters just encourage others to participate.

"The old saying is 'if you don't vote you can't complain', but it's our right as Americans to get out, vote, voice our opinions," said Joan Holliday.

If you miss early voting, you can always vote on November 4th. To find out where you can early vote


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