School program rewards random acts of kindness

School program rewards random acts of kindness

SWIFTON, AR (KAIT) - Swifton Middle School teachers are on the lookout for students performing random acts of kindness.

Earlier this month, the school opened a boutique at the school to reward students who do good deeds.Every Child is Ours food pantry in Tuckerman spearheaded this project about 6 months ago. They wanted to start a chain reaction of kindness.

"If you notice the things in here are name brand, they are extremely nice," said literacy teacher, Carrie Altom.

Students at Swifton Middle School are taking retail therapy to a whole new level. The Boutique gives students an incentive for good behavior.

"Our focus is to extend far beyond the classroom and promote positive actions within our students," Altom said. 

Carrie Altom is one of many teachers trying to catch students in the act of kindness. Students are rewarded for leading by example and doing their work without being told by the teacher. 

"I've noticed students go out of their way to try to do good things for others," she said. 

Students like, Shae O'Binion are racking up the bucks. She was rewarded for being quiet in class during an assignment. The boutique has everything from dresses, to shoes, shirts even bags. Most of the items were donated from Dillards.

"They have like a variety of stuff," O'Binion said. "It's really cool to have a boutique in your school."

 Every week students get a chance to put their money to work. The most expensive item  is about $20. Altom said this incentive program is off to a great start.

"We noticed already the growth," she said. 

Jan Paschal with Every Child is Ours wants to start these programs at every school.

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