NJ Gov. Christie stumps for Hutchinson in Jonesboro

NJ Gov. Christie stumps for Hutchinson in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and other notable politicians, converged on Jonesboro Friday morning to bolster support for Arkansas politicians.

Sue's Kitchen played host to Gov. Christie who showed his support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson.

"No matter what the crisis is going to be, I can tell you what I know about my friend, Asa Hutchinson," Christie said. "He will make those decisions not only with his head but with his heart. That's the kind of leader you want to sit in the governor's seat in Arkansas."

Other Republican governors from around the country endorsed Hutchinson, including Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Gov. Barbour encouraged everyone, no matter the party, to get out the vote. 

"When they count the ballots next Tuesday, it doesn't matter who you favored if you didn't actually vote," Barbour said. "This is about who actually goes to the polls and votes."

Northeast Arkansas used to be considered a Democratic stronghold, but Asa Hutchinson said the GOP is gaining traction.

"We have such a strong ticket this year," Hutchinson said. "It's important to rally together because we're all going after the same vote and it shows the strength of our ticket. The governor's seat is clearly important. It's an open seat. We don't have an incumbent running. It's going to set the stage at least for the next decade in the direction of Arkansas."

Hutchinson's opponent, Mike Ross, released a statement regarding Christie's visit:


Chris Christie, as head of the RGA, is responsible for the slanderous TV ads that have attacked my wife and me, ads that have been proven 'false and defamatory' by fact checkers. It should make every Arkansan question Congressman Hutchinson's character and judgment that he would once again campaign alongside an out-of-state partisan politician who has spent millions on sleazy attacks that smear my wife only to advance Hutchinson's own campaign."

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