Safety a priority for weekend youth hunt

Safety a priority for weekend youth hunt

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This weekend is the first weekend for modern gun deer hunting this season, but not everyone will be able to take to the woods. That is because this weekend is reserved for youth modern gun hunters said Cody Walker with Crowley's Ridge Nature Center.

Walker said, "This coming weekend is opening weekend for the youth here in Arkansas, to go out and be able to actually harvest one of the big game species we have here in the state which is the white tail deer."

Opening weekend for youth is great for kids ages 6 to 15 that may be new at hunting deer because it allows them to get a feel for what hunting deer is like and how to go about hunting said Walker..

Walker said, "It gives them a head start that way they can actually go out and harvest a deer before they get really scattered so to speak, once the majority of the population of the hunters get to go out and kind of scare them a little bit."

Before the kids can make their way into the woods though there are a few things they will need to have with them including a chaperone. 

Walker said, "If they don't have their hunter ed card, they have to have an adult who is 21 years of age, with them, within arms reach.  If they do have their hunter education card and they've already fulfilled that requirement, then they can actually have somebody 18 years of age accompany them out into the woods."

Walker said this weekend kids will have to wear hunter orange when they head into the woods as well and they won't need to be the only ones wearing it as hunters that have been in the woods for some time now, like bow hunters, will have to wear hunter orange this weekend as well.

Walker said that he has some advice for those celebrating the holiday tonight before they head into the stands Saturday morning.

Walker said, "They might be out late tonight because of halloween and by all means go out and have fun, trick-or-treat and all of that, but you know you'll have to get up tomorrow morning to pursue white-tail deer.  Get up before daylight, you need to make sure to have your hunter ed, you need to make sure you have your hunter orange, go into the field with the hopes of killing a deer, be prepared, have everything you need their with you, and be safe."

For adults who are ready to head into the woods, modern gun season for adults starts November 8th and if you need any more information on hunting this season you can pick up a hunting guide book at Crowley's Ridge Nature Center or at outdoor sporting stores in the area.

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