Armed suspects steal candy, hit teen with car

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officers with the Jonesboro Police Department are looking for armed individuals accused of assaulting teens on Halloween night.

According to an incident report, a car came up to a group of teens near the intersection of Allen Avenue and Church Street and the suspects inside pointed their guns at them.

At that point some of the teens began to run away from the suspects.

Officers said one of the suspects then got out of his car and pushed a girl onto the ground and stole her candy.

Witnesses say another teen running from the suspects, was followed and then hit with their car.

When officers arrived on scene the victim refused to be taken to the hospital and ran from officers and emergency responders.

Eventually police caught up to him and he was taken to the hospital with pain in the left shoulder, neck area and left rib area.

Police asked the victim if he knew the suspects and he said he did not. However, other witnesses told police he did know them.

At the time the report was filed, police were not able to find the suspects.

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